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“Good things are in store for Aversano’s, which very recently completed the transformation from small pizzeria to upscale restaurant and bar. The decor, dark-upholstered furniture and dim lighting, give Aversano’s the feel of a very metropolitan lounge. Add to that your classic Italian cuisine, drink specials and live entertainment, and you’ve got the potential for a fresh, fun night out. And for those of you who loved the original Aversano’s pizzeria, don’t start mourning yet. The owners left it where it was and built the new restaurant right next to it for your convenience”.

– the Journal News, October 13, 2008


“There is only one word for this place and it is “AMAZING” the food and the people are great.”

– Lax, October 2008


"Aversano’s is our new favorite place for “date night”. Their new restaurant feels like a sophisticated, trendy NYC space, while the food remains classic, fantastic Italian and also the lounge area is great for drinks. Really nice staff and very reasonable… a great find!"

– ctcnat505, September 2008


“I come all the way from Danbury to get the best food around.”

– fabiofigueiredo1282, September 2007

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2008 Aversano's Restaurant 1620 Rt. 22 (at 312 intersection), Towne Centre, Brewster (845) 279-2233